Welcome the most elegant Hotel Avon Ruby

Features & Amenities Provided

All rooms come with standard amenities, such as 24X7 hot water, smoke detectors for your safety, a television, intercom service, 24X7 room service, laundry service, free WiFi, a writing desk, just to name a few, you can be rest assured that your visit will be one to remember.
Every room needs to cater to your needs, make you feel welcomed, comfortable, it needs to be spacious enough for you to move around with relative ease and provide you with more than just basic amenities.
Our rooms are categorized into 4 types, to meet your specific needs. The 4 categories of rooms are as follows :

Executive Rooms

With 22 rooms, it might be seem like the most basic room listed, but we have made absolutely no compromises on the amenities, furnishing and space. each and every one of the Executive rooms comes with double beds, is fully air conditioned, intercom service, television that will keep you updated with the latest happenings, a dressing table with a mirror and a table with seats.
- With 22 Rooms

Deluxe Rooms

Our recently renovated line of rooms, it comes with all the features and amenities of the executive rooms, but is designed keeping modern trends in mind. With 5 rooms on the offering, designed with bright white and light brown interiors and well lit and ventilated, it offers more space and a modern touch.
- 14 Deluxe (5 Rooms)

Super Deluxe Rooms

With ample space and wooden finish to give it a classic look, this room boasts of ample space, luxury, comfort and class, with attention paid to every minor detail. With a granite finished dressing table and ample use of wood, the room is brightened by big windows and LED lights, which make the room extremely welcoming. With 10 rooms on the offering, it is highly recommended that you can book your room in advance, in order to avoid appointment.

Suite Rooms (Executive Suite Rooms)

The biggest and most spacious of our rooms, these king sized rooms provide ample room to move around. With amenities like hair dryers, coffee kettles and mugs, milk powder and coffee pouches, you can satisfy your craving for a hot beverage, made by you, within the comfort of your room. With 2 twin beds, a teapoy, a table and a couch to make your visitors feel comfortable, you can be assured of nothing but the best, once you book this room.
- booked at least 07 days in days